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A passion for fashion

Without the vest, the jumpsuit is fluid and soft. A pathway into fashion design allowed her to gain success in her schooling. ''I could achieve so much more through the gift that came naturally to me; creativity and design. ''Fashion design allows me to express my creativity in a process that is passionate to me; it's like art on the body. Seeing the final product, and knowing that I have designed and made it, is a really rewarding feeling.'' In 2015, she entered her first garment with the encouragement of her school textiles teacher Mrs Ruth Bucknell. The piece was a pink wool jacket made out of remnants from her classroom scrap material bin. Stevens styled it with a pink satin princess skirt and grey turtleneck. The young designer was delighted with the submission, and still wears the jacket today. In 2016, Stevens received her first Hokonui Fashion Design award with a men's suit design that received ''highly commended''. The denim outfit, along with a panelled denim dress also entered, were made from up-cycled, pre-worn, discarded denim from jeans. ''I really enjoy using pre-loved clothing and adapting it to fit into the fashion forecast of the season.

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