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SEO / Online Marketing Tactics for Financial Services Firms

Financial services companies can leverage the best practices of third-party content publishers by releasing information strategically and in a timed manner. This is how it normally works: The PR departments of most financial firms create a press release and post it online as well as on the investor relations page of their site and call it a day. Various finance-related publications pick up the story and write about it, often linking to the press release. But this type of link usually doesn’t do the company much good. Webcast, August 9th: Improving B2B Paid Marketing Campaign Effectiveness Through Pipeline Measurement But if a financial firm releases information to a specific publication first, waits for a while, and then releases the press release widely, a different set of events occur. The first publication to generate an article will often become the original source of the content used in further reporting. Other publications will approach the story from their own angle, but they will most often cite the original publication – not the press release – as the source. When they site the original publication they will link to it. By linking to the original publication rather than the press release the first publication will gain far more power than the press release would have. The inbound links from powerful publications in the financial industry cause the first positive article to be cited.

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